Some heartfelt wishes for the New Year

It is almost the ides of December and in another fifteen days we will embrace the year 2018. The trend of sending New Year messages is age old and it is as important an occasion just like an anniversary or a birthday. A New Year brings with it a hope for new possibilities and often people make resolutions too, resolution to be happy and healthy. This is a time when even enemies want to mend their ways and the loved ones pray for good health and prosperity. It is not only a number and the emotions of people are attached with the commencement of another set of three hundred and sixty five days.

This is the time when one can share the messages that display the care and love to the recipients. These messages help the recipients to feel special and care by others. However, one may not be that much creative but at the same time can get a few messages from the platform of the internet also.

Here are a few messages that you can send your friends and relatives:

  • Friends are only how we get through the worst times and the best ones as well. I am grateful to have the best lot who lend their ears whenever I needed it, who gave me the warmest of hugs and who has been there for me without judging me for the person I am. In this New Year I want to thank you, if you are that friend. Thank you for the immense support and love.
  • Here comes another reason to meet up and party hard. If you are my drinking friend, let’s start this New Year with a bash and remind ourselves of all the times we stuck together like Laurel and Hardy. Happy New Year and cheers!
  • You are more than a friend in need, because you are a friend in breed. Though we don’t share the same blood, but you are a brother, someone I look up to and I know you always have my back. Here’s to another year of our friendship and a many more to come.
  • We can just keep in touch through occasional phone calls and messages but in this New Year just wanted you to know how important you are to me. Happy New Year and hope to meet you soon.
  • Dearest Friend, even though you are far away, on this merry occasion of New Year, let’s cherish beautiful memories and here is a bunch of warm wishes for you and your family. Happy New Year 2018. P.S. Hope to meet in this coming year.

Some heartfelt wishes for the New Year

  • Never mind if the previous year had a number of hurdles and made you do thinks you were not proud of. The next year will hold a number of opportunities and hope for the better. Go out and fulfil your dreams. All the best wishes and love from your friend!
  • You are a friend and a family. Though we are not born of the same mother, you are more than a blood brother. Happy New Year!