Christ Embassy New Year Celebration Give Pastor Chris Hope

For the millions that belong to the network of Churches known as LoveWorld Inc., the end of 2017 was not about watching a ball drop, but a celebration of the love and grace of God almighty. Founded in 1987 by Pastor Chris Ovakhilome Christ Embassy, otherwise known as LoveWorld Inc., has grown into an international sensation. Headquartered in Lagos, the influence of LoveWorld stretches everywhere. Millions attend their churches, participate in their educational programs, and volunteer in their outreach programs. The New Year celebration held on December 31st was a culmination of everything the megachurch has become. Thousands attended, with millions watching at home, praising God and welcoming in the New Year together. But this was not just a celebration of what 2018 will hold, but also a celebration of everything 2017 came to be.

Juxtaposed in between colorful performance and crowd sung praise songs, the New Years’ service honored the church’s accomplishments over the past year. Following a rousing opening praise song, Pastor Chris took to the stage to recap the 2017. 2017 was a fruitful year for LoveWorld Inc. Growth was experienced across the board in all its numerous churches. Using the mediums of T.V., radio, and the internet the word was spread further than ever before. A new online program called KingsChat connected the congregation, bringing the followers of Christ Embassy closer together. Outreach programs also saw success. Daily devotional and bible-study guide Rhapsody in Realities was mass distributed, with 1.3 billion copies released in 900 languages. LoveWorld’s Inner-City Mission program and Healing School program transformed the lives of thousands. The International School of Ministry saw a rise in graduate, with 1000 new ministers being ordained to spread the word.

Other highlights of the New Year celebration included; honoring the recipeints of the Future African Leaders Awards, gospel recording artist Martin PK singing his single, Beautiful Jesus, which won the LIMA song of the year in 2017, and a performance by recording gospel artist Sinach.

Once the countdown was finished, and the new year was official, Pastor Chris offered a message of hope. After thanking the Lord on High for his numerous blessings, the conversation turned to 2018. Pastor Chris is optimistic and has many plans for 2018, saying that this year the church would be things differently. With plans to continue the good work, LoveWorld Inc. is not backing down. 2018 is prospected to see the same growth as 2017, hopefully even more. As the mass congregation looks hopefully into new roads ahead, Pastor Chris remains grateful to God. With a final message praising God and proclaiming the name of Jesus, he urged his followers to remain faithful.

Christ Embassy New Year Celebration Give Pastor Chris Hope

The Christ Embassy New Year celebration was a bright, vibrant testament to the health and well-being of the church itself. The dedicated followers cheered, screamed, clapped, and cried throughout the numerous performances that graced the stage. Hosts has to wait minutes for the cheers to die down upon their entry. The believers present unified in their faith and devotion. The celebration alone was a testament to the bright future ahead of LoveWorld Inc. A beacon of hope shining for the world to see. The sight was enough to warm the heart of the man responsible, Pastor Chris, who could repeat how grateful he was to God for all that had been done.

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