What is a vasectomy?

The vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure. Its intention is to prevent sperm from reaching the semen ejaculated from the penis. The vasectomy coral springs procedure is said to be the most effective form of birth control for both men and women. It is believed that only half of every thousand women will become pregnant a whole year after the male partners have had the proverbial snip. While the procedure is effective it is also safe. And it is possible to reverse the vasectomy later should the man and his partner decide that the time is ripe to reproduce.

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After the vasectomy is completed, the testes will continue to manufacture sperm. Sperm and male sex hormones are produced in both testicles. The testes pair is located in the scrotum area at the base of the penis. Sperm will leave the testes through a coiled tube. Each tube is linked to the prostate by a longer tube known as the vas deferens. When a man ejaculates, seminal fluid and seminal vesicles will mix with sperm to form semen. Most vasectomies will be carried out by a specialist urologist.

But if the patient chooses to be sedated during the procedure, it will be carried out in a surgical theatre. Sedations, desired or advised, are influenced by the patient’s psychological and physiological condition at the time the vasectomy is to be performed. In order for the vasectomy to be carried out, the urologist must still be given written permission by his patient. Special laws in certain US states govern the type of consent required and when the patient needs to sign it. Just before the vasectomy, local anesthesia will be administered in order to numb the scrotum area. The anesthetic will help to prevent any form of sharp pain.