Buy the Vietnam visa from online portals

The visa is very important while visiting a country for tourist or business purpose. Nowadays, it is easy to obtain the Visa from the online platforms. The users who wish to visit the Vietnam can take the visa after reaching there. However, the visitors need to understand that the Vietnam visa On Arrival is not a full Vietnam visa. So, they need to hire a travel agent before visiting this country. The agent will help the visitors to acquire an official letter of approval from the VOA counter. Based on the visa processing fee, the visitors can obtain Vietnam visa on arrival with different validities.

After obtaining the visa, it will be attached to the back of the visitor’s passport.   However, the visitors can use their visa at Da Nang, Tan Son Nat and Noi Bai international airports only. The passport must have 6 months validity and with 2 blank pages on its backside while visiting the Vietnam. The processing fee for the 3 months multi entry visa is $95 USD, 30-day multi entry visa is $65 and for single entry, it costs $45. The price of the tourist visa and the business will differ from the price and its validity.

Vietnam visa from online portals

It is possible to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival from online platforms. The businessmen can get the visa-pre approval letter from the agents and that can be submitted to immigrants. Then they need to fill the visa application and need to submit the both to immigrants to acquire the full visa from issuing authorities. The visitors can obtain the visa from the Vietnam Embassy too. However, obtaining the pre-approval visa letter is important. Applying them from the online portal is the easiest way. The visa providers offer a lot of services to their client and provide money back guarantee if the issued visa is denied.